Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening: How Long Does It Last?

Teeth whitening procedures cause some teeth sensitivity for certain patients; This may make drinking or consuming cold, hot, or sugary foods and beverages uncomfortable. The length of time the sensitivity lasts often varies by patient.

Why Is Teeth Sensitivity Different For Everyone?

Many patients never experience sensitivity after whitening treatments, but others will; This ultimately depends on your teeth’ current state and condition. 

Many patients coming in for whitening treatments will have severely stained or discolored teeth. But, of course, not all of our patients do. Some also have varying degrees of existing dentin and enamel, which can play a role in increased sensitivity. So, as you can see, many factors impact the level of sensitivity some may experience after whitening treatments.

All Teeth Whitening Starts With Risk Assessment

Our office is committed to providing proper care and attention to our patients. For this reason, risk assessment is always performed before any whitening sessions. In addition, our whitening professionals will carefully evaluate your teeth before recommending you continue whitening. 

What determines whitening eligibility?

  • Passing a full dental exam
  • The level of your remaining dentin and enamel
  • Level of desired whiteness
  • Assessing the current level of sensitivity

How Long Does Post-Whitening Sensitivity Last?

Patients can experience post-whitening sensitivity anywhere from a few days to months— it truly varies. It’s virtually impossible to predict the length of time your sensitivity will last. However, our professional and fully certified technicians can look at the state of your current teeth and past dental records to establish whether sensitivity is likely to occur in the first place. Of course, certain pre-existing conditions also play a crucial role in the depth and level of sensitivity that patients may experience as an outcome.

How To Tell If You’re A Good Candidate For Teeth Whitening

Even after being cleared as a good candidate for teeth whitening, taking the potential risk for sensitivity into account is something you need to consider. Only you can decide whether some discomfort is worth your desire to have a more glamorous smile. You’re under no obligation to proceed with the whitening treatment even after receiving the full okay from a doctor to go ahead. But, of course, most of our patients agree that the advantages of a brighter smile far outweigh the potential for limited sensitivity.

Get Your Consultation Today!

The first step to establishing an award-winning smile is to get evaluated by a professional today! Our friendly qualified doctor can take a look and perform a thorough evaluation to ensure that you’re a good patient for teeth whitening treatments. Fortunately, there are very few and limited risks involved with getting your teeth whitened, so feel free to book your consultation today!

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